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A Little Bit about Our Passion

Cross Browser / Cross Platform / Cross Device / Cloud Base Development is what we Love!

Our recommendation is to design your system to work from everywhere on every device. That’s the end result we get a thrill from seeing because it gives our clients the freedom of accessing their system from anywhere they have an electronic device with an internet connection.
We are a huge fan of paperless solutions. We believe the generation of taking trees down to be able to produce more paper is over. Tree have much more important things to do. :)

Our experience

Document Imaging

We first started in this field back in 2004 when there was not yet a technology good enough to enable an office to move to a completely paperless solution. To refresh your memories, in those days – just a decade ago – there was no iPhone, iPad, or internet-enabled pocket gadget in the market.

But there was enough technology at the time to start the office automation process, so we pushed forward with innovation. Pretty soon we felt very comfortable working with PDFs, OCR documents, Twain scanners, and many more technologies to be able to capture and analyze all kinds of documents in an online system.

We now have vast experience in this field, and with today’s technology at our fingertips, the sky is the limit for us. We accomplished a lot, and we will continuously improve ourselves in this field because what excites us most is to find new ways to solve old problems.

Some of the key components in document imaging are:
  • OCR- Image to text recognition.
  • Full Text Search- Ability to search contents of the documents for key words or phrases to bring you results.
  • PDF processing- Ability to modify and create PDF documents to meet the business need.
  • Cloud Storage- The documents need to be stored somewhere, so why not have them conveniently in the cloud on a safe and secure server?
  • Intelligent classification of the documents- Document recognition system files them according to type without the need to drag and drop.
  • PDF Forms and Auto fills- Give the end user the ability to fill out and sign documents without printing them out.
  • Pen- Write on documents with a tablet pen as if they were printed on paper.
  • Speech to text transcripts- Generate a document from speech with high accuracy.


We have over 10 years or experience in the medical field and are especially adept at working with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications.

We are experience in the following fields:
  • EMR implementation
  • HL7 - Laboratory communication interface.
  • DICOM- Medical imaging.
  • Clinical Document Exchange- CCD, CCR.
  • Meaningful Use
  • External device communication- Interfacing with various lab and clinical devices such as Vital Sign, EKG, and Spiro machines.
  • Patient Portal- Communication between patients and clinics is made simple via website.

Office Automation / Workflow

One of the most fun and interesting categories of projects is workflow implementation and office automation. It is very rewarding to see the before and after.

There is so much we can offer to small businesses in order to automate and facilitate their everyday tasks and schedules.

Here are some of the benefits our office automation clients enjoy:

  • Everything flows smoothly and just feels easy
  • Much less stress and pressure during the inevitable high-volume moments
  • Less work time wasted on repetitive tasks
  • Huge long-term savings as regular expenses are cut
  • Increasing work efficiency and accuracy
  • Detailed reporting at the end of the day for management

Converting Lagacy Applications

Now that everything is moving towards the web and cloud hosting systems, we get more and more requests to convert old desktop applications to a brand new multi-functioning web app that works with phones, tablets, and desktops.

The following are some of the advantages of moving to a web model:

  • No need for installation on the user's desktop
  • The application can be accessed from anywhere needed
  • Low cost of support
  • No installation and maintenance necessary on the user's desktop
  • The application can be available on any platform: Mobile (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry); Tablet (iPad, Samsung, Windows); Desktop (Mac, PC, Linux)
  • Safe, reliable back-up using cloud storage
  • Secure communication with the application through the web

The Myth That Web Apps Are Less Secure

We get asked if web apps are as secure as traditional desktop apps. Some people believe that if data is stored outside of their company it can be accessed by anyone. As a result of this myth, they aren’t confident in cloud storage and are thus losing out on the many benefits it offers to companies of all sizes.

We usually answer this question by another question: How secure is your online banking? And usually the answer is “very secure.” Our follow-up is: Do you keep your bank information in-house, or it is hosted somewhere on the internet?

Information that is being transferred to you from the internet can pass through secure channels (technically called SSL and HTTPS protocols). These secure channels allow you to transfer money from your account to your friend’s and enable you to entrust Amazon or your online shopping destination of choice with your credit card information.

Once the secure channel is established between the cloud system and your laptop, then means you virtually have your cloud server right in your office and nothing can interfere in the middle to steal your information.

There are a lot of steps that can be taken to make a connection super secure. The level of security and how those web-based fortresses function depends on the product and the service.

Interfacing with Everything Else

We have the experience to make an electronic device to connect to your USB port and do whatever it needs to do to get the job done. For example, if you regularly collect information from the outside world, such as temperature, noise level, or motion sensing, we can craft you something that not only captures the data but also posts it to your website.