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We Believe

There Is a Solution

For Every Problem

Problems With Software Development

  • Costly process, both in time and money
  • Improper software analysis
  • Developers don’t understand your unique business needs
  • Lack of attention to detail equals inadequate service
  • Final product doesn’t match client expectations

Our Solution

Our business model allows us more flexibility to meet you where you’re at instead of forcing your business to grow too fast, or to use an out-of-the-box platform that doesn’t quite fit. We save our clients time and money by doings things right the first time, assessing your business A to Z while keeping communication between us wide open. Plus, we pass on the savings from our virtual office model directly to you.

The Cost

It’s no surprise why even the simplest custom software can cost clients thousands of dollars. Experts spend lots of time developing software and working out the bugs. Salaries for software developers in the U.S. usually run to the six-digit numbers, so the time can add up fast, reaching several thousands of dollars for a three-week project.

We lowered these expenses by using contract-based, carefully picked software developers from all around the world. Our business model offers a win-win solution for everyone. While our salaries are above the developers’ local pay grade, they are still priced affordably for our clients since the salary range in other countries is lower than it is in the U.S.

For clients who prefer U.S. developers, we can still keep costs low because we do not have the overhead of traditional offices. We follow the virtual office model. While all our programmers are well compensated for the work they do, we aren’t paying to keep them at a desk in a climate-controlled office with the usual amenities. No one on our team – us included! – will ever be found daydreaming in their cubical waiting for the clock to strike 5 PM to leave the office.

We also provide affordable payment plans to our clients to make developing your ideal software with us even easier.

The Art of Understanding Your Business

“It’s all about converting a manual work model to a modern automated one!”

Our business analyst staff are highly trained and experienced in understanding businesses and their needs – small, large, and everything in between. We are familiar with the latest innovations and technologies, and as a result of our comprehensive approach, what we offer our clients has benefits beyond what they originally asked for!

We listen

Before suggesting anything, we listen carefully to how your business operates and what you envision for the future. That gives us the advantage of understanding your staff and customers’ needs so we can maneuver through the bottlenecks and fill the gaps that will boost your efficiency. Often, our free initial consultation session is so productive and valuable to our clients that they immediately gain new perspective of how to improve their office workflow.

Once we understand the way your system works, we can start offering you customized plans based on what’s available in the market to support and improve everyday business processes.

We Care

Once a goal is set, we are committed to reach that goal with you. We will provide updates throughout every step of development to let you know where we are in reaching major milestones and to integrate your feedback all along the way.

Our Experience

Our experience working with a wide variety of software platforms gives us the advantage to move forward comfortably with any type of software programming you need. We constantly expand our knowledge base, and we tap into it every day. That is how we can offer exceptional products to our clients.

Happy Staff

We believe work is part of life and should be fun. Therefore our developers work in their comfort zone: the time, location, or environment that suits them best and boosts their creativity.

This is our special ingredient that ensures we present amazing end results to our clients.