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Our Story

I started my first company at the age of 18 along with two of my friends. We worked together for two years and then split up to go into different fields. I pursued my software development passion; my partners went towards hardware and IT.

That was also the time I found the love of my life, Alina, and we started dreaming, planning, and executing our business dreams together. We got married at the age of 24, and in 2004, we moved to the U.S., working in corporate America for ten years to gain the experience and knowledge we needed to establish ourselves as entrepreneurs. At the same time, we moonlighted to start and create a momentum for a business of our own. We supported our clients’ goals outside of normal business hours, working many long nights, and eventually it came time to quit our jobs to grow our side business into a full-time venture.

Our combined passions for programming did not let me or Alina rest for a moment, and we continuously pushed our professional lives forward by researching and learning all the new advancements in technology. We took advantage of new technologies like .NET and pretty soon mastered both the theories and application.

Now more than ever, we are in love with learning the features of innovative technologies because we can use them to benefit our diverse group of clients. We stay ahead of the pack not because we have to but because it’s how we have fun.

As we grew our business over the last few years, we interviewed numerous software developers and handpicked the experts that not only are genius in what they do, but also match with our personalities and share our insatiable drive.

Joining our team

We are accepting new members. If you believe you have the qualifications to be a technical expert on our team, please send us an email at services@agileclouders.com with your work history, availability, and reasons why you’d be a great fit for our team. We are specifically interested in: AWS software architect, DevOps Experts, C# developers, Python Developers, ELK Stack experts, Xamarin developers, UI/UX experts, Angular, Javascript gurus, and Open source specialists.

IT professionals are the only applicants that must be based in the Los Angeles area. As far as the rest of the fields go, we accept technology professionals from anywhere in the world.

Meet the founders

Software creation is a passion I developed in the last fifteen years of my life. I love the fact that technology is changing so fast and thrive on the challenge of staying on top of it. I guess that means I am a computer nerd... not that that’s a bad thing!

Alina Shahnazari, Los Angeles, CA
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I was eleven years old when I developed my first software application. I started playing with it as a hobby, but soon it turned out to be my profession. All these years later, software programming is still my favorite game and a hobby that I get fully engaged in.

Arin Tahmasian, Los Angeles, CA
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